Link Building Methods

Link building is very essential in website promotion. Almost all the search engines have great importance for the link backs. But the link backs should be from your website related sites. Link backs are like online votes.

These are very important points in link building

1. Initially collect the web sites which are related your website theme.

2. Never accept or give link back to irrelevant websites. Link back from not related website will harmful to your website

3. Frame the link request email which should be very much convincing and details. Put some advantages of the link back in link request email. But all together email should be very straight and short

4. If you have the more than one domain then go for the two way and three ways linking methods

5. Always try to get the link back from minimum page rank pages. At the same time never provide link back to page rank ZERO websites

6. Send link request forms to as many as possible website with regular intervals. Remember this link request mails should not look like spam

7. Never adopt the unethical methods to cheat your link partners. Ethical link building always shows you great results

8. You can create the blogs with unique content and provide the link to required website

9. Go for the article submissions. First submit in one article portal and if your article published then go for the submission in as many as article portals

10.Adopt the new link building methods like social media bookmarks and press release and more

11.But getting the link back from your related website is very important. Link backs from not related websites never count any value in search engine algorithms

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