A powerful structure to Search Engine Marketing

In today’s extremely competitive markets, sometimes search engine marketers try to “cut corners”, in an effort to save time and a bit of money. This is perfectly understandable, given the conditions they sometimes have to face, such as tight deadlines, limited budgets and overall difficult market conditions.

However, neglecting to build a strong search engine marketing structure can seriously hinder any online ad campaign. To be truly successful, plan for an initial trial period, followed by some benchmark testing, where you will be able to carefully measure each result of your online ad campaigns.

Any company, independently of its industry, should have a carefully prepared business plan where your search engine marketing foundation is accurately reflected and equally well spelled out, down to the last detail.

To truly achieve the best overall ROI and create the most impact, both with first-time visitors to your site, as well as repeat buyers, the four most important steps to the success of any good search engine marketing structure are:

1. Mission statement
2. Unique selling points
3. Targeting the right market
4. Finally, a strong call to action

Neglect any of these four important ingredients and you are wasting your time and your resources, while giving your competitors a chance to beat you to market.

Source : http://www.rankforsales.com/search-engine-marketing/strong-structure-to-search-engine-marketing.html