5 Reasons the Top Bloggers are Successful

Promotion is in their blood
They can promote a product without some people even realizing it. Sometimes they may be a bit deceptive and hide the affiliate links but they still get signups which is more money in their pocket. Then they use this money to further promote the blog until word of mouth takes over. They are also amazing at hyping contests, Darren of Problogger offered over $54,000 worth of Prizes in the ProBlogger Birthday Bash Competitions! The great part is that almost all the prizes were donated so it was almost free exposure to his already massively popular blog.

They know what they are talking about
Always do research before making a post, it will give you even more ideas and will make you look like a professional in that area. Even though you may already know a great deal about the topic, the readers may not, posting a tip or trick is a great way to build a loyal reader-base. Surprisingly even the basics of Google Adsense such as adding code to a webpage is difficult for beginners, and if you have that they will be sure to bookmark the site and return in the future.

They build a list of contacts
Every top blogger has a Blogroll or list of other webmasters blogs that they enjoy reading. This is a great way to find other interesting blogs and spread the word about your own. Find the best blogs in your topic and ask them to do a blogroll exchange with you. Some may be nice enough to do it even if you are a new blog, others may other do it with close friends. It’s worth a shot though! This also helps build powerful backlinks that are sitewide most of the time which means a bunch of pages will get indexed, search engine rankings will improve, and you will get that small pagerank boost.

They love what they do
These guys are working as bloggers fulltime and love it. They attend conversions and seminars for the topic and just cannot get enough of it. This allows them to share insider news and tips that other bloggers cannot. They are great at promoting their name and always conduct themselves professionally. Without this type of passion their blog would have never made it. Keep this in mind as a bit of motivation when writing your blog.

Source : http://www.articlesbase.com/blogging-articles/5-reasons-the-top-bloggers-are-successful-261690.html

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