6 Top Most Effective Link Building Tools

Almost every webmaster and Internet marketer who is serious about his online business cares of driving more traffic to his website. We all know that the closer to the top in search engine results the site is, the more it is visited by Internet users. But how to get that cherished place on the first page in the search engine? The answer is link building.

Link building is the process of getting links pointing to your site from other websites. The more incoming links your site has, the more value it represents for search engines. The quality of incoming links does matter too.

In this article I'd like to suggest the tools you can use to build quality links to your website:

1. Articles. Write the articles about the products or services you offer on your website and submit them to article directories. The idea is to include a link to your site into every article. Each article listed in many directories has the potential to build thousands of links for you.

2. Bookmarks. A great idea is to bookmark your articles. Every time you bookmark an article, you are linking back to your website. You can bookmark the web pages with your articles with popular bookmark sites, for example digg.com and del.icio.us, these sites are growing in popularity by the day. Also, adding social bookmark links to your articles makes it easy for readers to save and share your content. You can use this Social Bookmarking Tool to bookmark your articles with more than 50+ social bookmarking sites.

3. Forums. You can search for forums related to your business and leave the posts on them. Include the link to your site into your signature and every post you make will become an inbound link.

4. Blogs. An off site blog is a great means for building links and gaining traffic because every post you make is a separate web page. Link to your website and you'll have some good inbound links.

5. Social networking. With social networking link building comes in when you set up your profile. You'll make friends and drive traffic to your website.

6. Web directories. Directory submission is one of the best ways to get natural quality links for your website. The more directories you list your website with, the more inbound links you have. The easiest and quickest way to submit the site to web directories is to use a directory submitter tool. Directory submission software already has a large database of directories included within the program and automates the process of site submission. So, it is also the more time saving method of link building because you don't waste your time by searching the Internet for themed directories.

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