Quality Assurance And Testing Services: OBIEE Validations


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Source to target validation: Here source is represented by metadata repository and Target represents OBIEE Reports & Dashboards, BI Publishers.
1. Presentation layer object validation:
This is the layer of the logical business model that is accessible for the client through the structure query Language better known as the logical SQL. The presentation is the appropriate layer to set user permissions and to validate user permissions to reports.
2. Categorizing the metrics:
It is important to classify the metrics from multiple perspectives such as, their frequency of use, potential performance impacts, and complexity of calculations involved. Such a classification helps drive priority of testing
3. Dashboard charts and filters criteria:
User interface testing should encompass tests with multiple options in the available filter criteria. OBIEE gives enough drilldown features to verify the underlying data on the clickable components of the charts. Test cases written should be detailed enough to verify data aggregated at various layers.
4. Filter Validation
. Validate the entire filters which are available on report. Example refers below report and its filter
. Example: For Performance Measure filter- Validate filter contents against report requirement and database
Filter types:
Local filters: Filtering the records in the report level.
Global filters: Filtering the records based on user selection in Dashboard.
Dashboard Validation:
When a user selects certain request that need to display the exact results in the dashboard.
5. Data level security:
Data level security validation means user will be able to see only particular data for the given permission
Example: Both the Eastern and Western region Sales Managers will be seeing the same reports but the Data visible to them in the reports will be Eastern and Western region Sales data respectively.
Object Level security: Need to validate whether the particular user is able to access the particular dashboard or folder etc.
Example: For example, users in a particular department can view only the subject areas that belong to their department.
6. Bursting the reports:
Bursting the reports means distributing the reports based on the regions. 
Example: If there are 4 regional reports, validate to burst the reports (based on East, West, South, North regions).
7. Buzz Matrix validation: 
Need to validate the alerts in the Dashboard.
Example: We are running stock market and CEO is very much interested to know today’s business weather, has it reached a certain level that which he expects compared to the last week. If the level has reached to a certain level in Dashboard Buzz (Alert), it should raise an alert saying that it has reached the level in such a way the buzz matrix validates.


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