SEO Title Optimization

One of the most important part of SEO is the title of the website and it's deep pages. Search engine especially Google gives importance to title of a website, so must be optimized properly. Your first step will be to find some good keyword or keyphrase for your website. After finding the best keywords and keyphrases for your website, your next step will be to make a properly optimized title for the website. To do this you must choose 2-3 keywords or keyphrase that you like to use the most on your website. Let us take an example of any online money making website, below we have 3 keyphrases with their global searching according to Google keyword tool.

make money online (673,000)
make money from home (246,000)
make fast money (368,000)
As you can see all 3 of them have really good searching, so if you are having a new website, you may not survive the competition already existing in the market for the high searching keywords, so always start with the low ranking keywords or combine them go get a keyphrase having all the keywords in it.

So only "Make money online" will be a horrible title to start and "Make Money Online and Make Money from Home and Make Fast Money" will be less horrible then it but good to start. Still it's too long and does do keyword stuffing, so instead of using all of them, you can mold them a little bit according to your need and we can make : "Make Money Online | Make Fast Money from Home" which has all the keyword in it.

Make Money Online (has the first keyword) | Make Fast Money from Home (has the both keywords but they have been used as a combined keyphrase) we have "Make fast money" and "Money from home" "Make" will also be considered in the title from Google, so here we have 3 keywords with less usage of characters, because Google only consider the text in the title till 70 characters.

Best Practices for Creating Titles:

Here are some best practices you should follow for creating titles on pages:

  • Each page must have a unique title.
  • The total length of the title must be within 10-70 characters,
  • In your title, special characters such as "@ ^ * ; < > ~ =" should not be used,
  • Try to include your Primary Keyword Phrase in every title of every page.
  • Begin the title of your home page with your Primary Keyword Phrase, followed by your best Secondary Keyword Phrases.
  • Use more specific variations to your Primary Keyword Phrase on your specific product, service, or content pages.
  • If you must include your company name, put it at the end of the title.
  • Use the best form, plural or singular, for your keywords based on what WordTracker says is searched on more often.
  • Don't overdo it - don't repeat your keywords more than 2 - 3 times in the title or it will be counted as spam.

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