The SEO Engine Score™ - Finally a Standardized Metric for the Internet

The SEO Engine Score™ represents a relative scoring mechanism that all Search Engines use. It incorporates everything -- from Link Flow® to Bad Neighborhood™ penalties, Purchased Link Detection™ penalties, Duplicate Content penalties...just about everything you can think of that a regular Human Being would use to attempt to compare two Webpages to each other.

A common misunderstanding is that the SEO Engine Score™ indicates whether or not a particular Webpage is going to rank well. This is simply not true. The SEO Engine Score is a measure of the efficiency of that Webpage's Gross Total Link Flow® only. To illustrate: a Webpage about "Green Widgets" might have a very low SEO Engine Score™; however, because there aren't any other "Green Widget" Webpages on the Internet, the Webpage is still a prominent #1 in the Search Results. Make sure that you always bear this in mind when comparing SEO Engine Scores™.

Improve your SEO Engine Score™
Webpage Scorecard Screen

Webpage Scorecard Screen

Investigate how each SEO Engine Score is calculated!

The SEO Engine™ provides a SEO Software Interface screen called the "Webpage Scorecard", for each Webpage on the Internet. It contains all the answers you need to increase your Website’s SEO Engine Score™ and it’s rankings in the search results of public Search Engines. There are many factors revealed by your SEO Engine™ report that will increase your SEO Engine Score™, and thus your Net Total Link Flow -- which is a determining factor in ranking results on public Search Engines.

Most categories of the SEO Engine™ offer a link to the Learning Center that will give you suggestions on how to improve various components that factor in to your SEO Engine Score™. For example, when Dangling Links are revealed, simply click on the green question mark in the Dangling link category to learn what they are, and how to fix them. Once Dangling Links have been fixed, simply re-crawl the Website to see how fixing this particular issue helped the SEO Engine Scores™.