Google will loose it PageRank (PR) in 2011


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New year brings a new joy to life, new hope, new commitment & new way of life. I think, with the new year, we will witness some major changes in SEO as well. I was reading a latest news on SEO & there is one headline which captured my attention & that is Google PageRank. Well, No, its not about Google PageRank update as you might have think about, but this is something which you didn’t have imagined.

Google will loose its Toolbar PageRank : Rights reserved to Standford University

Yes, Google might lose its exclusive rights to use Pagerank this year. The fact is Stanford University actually owns the patent to “PageRank”, and Google has exclusive licensing rights to it- but only until 2011.

So, May be thats the reason, we have not seen any major update in Google Toolbar PageRank since last April,2010 & may be we will not see in the near future. The possibilities are many. May be Google get extension just like the last time or may be Google introduce some kind of Trust Rank or may be they just ignore it & completely focus on their algorithm update.

Google Webmaster Forum thread refers that, “The PageRank patents held by Stanford do not refer to a toolbar, but rather a process of calculating a probability that if one were to start from one page on the web, that they might end up upon another specific page.”

So, What do you think ? Will Google remove the Toolbar PageRank ? Will it effect your SEO efforts ? Eagerly waiting to have a thoughtful discussion over here. This sounds like really interesting topic to me.