Pay Per Click Campaign Management - Get Better Quality Scores, Spend Less Money

Manage your pay per click campaigns better and improve your quality score with Google (and with Yahoo! or MSN). You'll spend less money to get more traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management For Better Quality Score

Getting a better quality score means you don't have to bid as much to get your text ads shown. You could even bid less than your competitors and still get better placement of your ad. How does it work...

In addition to your click through rate quality score is determined by factors such as:

  • the relevance of your ad to the key word being searched
  • the relevance of the landing page to the key word being searched

…you may find you get better results when you organize your paper click advertising campaign around word concepts, and types.

An Example:
If you are advertising for office products you might want to organize your campaigns by the same categories that you use to organize your website navigation. So you may find yourself with separate campaigns for furniture, copiers, paper, printers, organizers etc. rather than one large campaign for office supplies.

So instead of having one campaign for office supplies with 2000 keywords that lumps together all sorts of keywords for office products such as ergonomic chairs together with copier toner in one long contiguous list… you will be better off twenty campaigns with 100 words each where the key words and ads are organized and separated by concept, theme, or product line.

Form leads to relevance
Managing your pay per click campaigns with this new categorization method you will find that when you write your text ads you are not creating an ad that is very general like “ Get office products, large selection available”. Instead you will be creating targeted unique copy and targeted unique ads for each of your twenty campaigns.

Writing text ad copy that is highly targeted to the keywords being searched will greatly improve your quality score and lower the amount of money you are required to bid to get that coveted top placement. You'll find the added work you put into your pay per click management is well worth the effort.

Now go one step deeper
When you have organized your pay per click campaign by the larger concepts you can then use ad groups as sub-sections of your campaigns to further subdivide your keywords and achieve even higher relevancy and improve your quality score.

Take your campaign for copier paper… break it down into adword subsections of very specific keywords that match up with some very specifically worded advertising copy. Your campaign for copy for copiers might have ad groups broken out by manufacturer:

  • Xerox
  • Brother
  • Konica
  • Canon
  • Etc.

You can see the number of ad group’s you end up with is going to be rather large… but that’s the general idea of being more targeted and relevant. It’s better to have 100 at groups with twenty keywords than to have everything loaded into one big lump. And as I have noted earlier you'll find the added work you put into your pay per click management is well worth the effort when you see your quality score go up and your minimum bid requirements go down.

Breaking your keywords up in this manner forces you to write ad copy that is specific for each keyword group and will provide the structure and discipline you need to write more targeted copy and improve your quality store.

And a better quality score means you will spend less money to get more clicks.

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