The Seven Ages of Search

We have all trodden on it, some of us still do, some give up hope along the way, while a few lay the floorboards for the rest to follow. It is a journey of no fixed entry point and peppered with rabbit holes of which there is no return.

It is the journey of the online search marketer/seo consultant/social media expert. It is a journey that mimics human life, one of joy, sadness, despair and triumph.

Since the Dawn of Search many articles and posts have been de-indexed, forum flame wars fought, rallies attended, links bought, sold and given, social thumbs upped and social thumbs downed but most of all money made and money lost.

So, I bring to you the 7 Ages of Search.

1) The Awakening Period: The classic quick entry and exit point. Also known as “The Arrival”, it is the moment of realisation and can come from many sources: forums, blogs, articles, newsletters, magazines etc… but when it strikes, life as we know it will never be the same again.

2) The Slog/Experimental Period: A massive amount of people swish around in this mixing bowl – it keeps forums in advertising budgets, gives article portals traffic and spams social media sites. Injuries are common place within “The Slog” especially within the retina department from reading too much online.

3) The Agonising Ecstasy Period: A knowledgeable time is bestowed here when some rise to their own becoming and have tested and understood the aforementioned “Slog”. However, many are met with a harbour wall in the sea of knowledge not knowing where to go next so flounder as experts within their own rock pools.

4) The Slap in the Face Period: The few that managed to breathe outside of their own environment then enter “The Colliseum” where those that already dwell can be hearty in their welcome but step too far too soon and they’ll lay the SmackDown on you.Some marks against you at this critical point may never disappear from sight. However, they are just slaps nonetheless and not knockout blows. Respect shown in this period shall receive respect back.

5) The Period of Enlightenment: There are still dangers to those that reach these heady heights. The pull of big money companies to come and work for them “in-house” can be deemed too great and yet more willing voices that can offer contributable content are contained within company contract clauses.

6) Authority Figure: This is a questionable period, where many listen and rehash what you have written / said. A time of travel, introductions, meetings and handshakes. Once you become an authority – time is never your own.

7) The Brand: The beacon that shines on us all as we try hoist ourselves through the many differing obstacles that lay in our path. Some shine on us, some chose a different path to highlight. This is the apex, the peak, there are no more stairs to climb in the world of search. Once your a brand your name is forever scrawled into the realms of search.

Afterthought: Everyday is a winding road, full of welcome and hardship in the same breathe, for we are entwined in the World of Search, friendships are bonded and battle lines drawn in the push of an enter / publish button. But most of all we provide for the many in an environment governed by a few.

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March 29, 2017 at 3:39 AM

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