Improving Your Web Site's Traffic Through Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, popularly known as SEM is one of the proven techniques in promoting web sites to make them highly visible to search engines. SEM is a tedious process and can be expensive, but promises great results if done properly. The following are the steps in using SEM to promote your web sites:

1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization – This is the process of driving traffic to a web site from search engines. When web sites have high ranking to search engines, they get better chances of being viewed by online users. SEO have many phases that includes web site analysis, keyword research, industry analysis, and competitor analysis. It also includes link building, keyword-rich copywriting, etc.

2. Paid Placement – One good example of paid placement strategy is pay-per-click scheme. It is being used by online businesses to promote their web sites by putting ads or links to other web sites. If an interested visitor clicks the links or ad, the owner of the web site will be paid. Businesses will only link or advertise on sites that has good traffic and great ranking on search engines.

3. Paid inclusion – A great marketing strategy where businesses will pay a fee to have their web sites included to the search index. This service is being offered by known search engines like Google and MSN.

Undeniably, SEM is one of the greatest ways to succeed on the Internet. Anyone who knows how to utilize the aforementioned techniques will surely earn huge amount of money.

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