10 Practical Internet Marketing Rules To Live By

Print these out and use them daily!
1. When Starting Anything New – Start With A Small Investment.

There’s always the risk of losing money. Even top level copywriters don’t have winning ads every time. Sometimes just a simple change, a word or two, makes all the difference to get the results you want. Your marketing audience is not perfect so there is no
such thing as a perfect ad. That’s why it’s prudent to limit your risk when starting any new marketing campaign.

2. Test, Test, Test!!
Stop blindly following gurus. You are the only expert in your test results. Try different headlines; shorter, longer, different content. Sometimes the length of your ad copy makes a big difference. Test short concise against longer more descriptive ads. Try something besides the written ad like audio or video or all three together. The more ways you can reach a persons mind the better. Test different squeeze pages. For every ad group always run 2 ads on Adwords. Test different offers, like “try before you buy”. You may also want to test telephone follow-up. Just test everything you do!

3. Do Something Different!
Look at everyone and everything in your marketplace. Don’t be a “business as usual” kind of person. Look for something that makes you unique from the rest. Compare the benefits and services of your product with theirs, cross off all that are the same and see what’s left. If there’s nothing left, then you may need to brainstorm with ideas to add to yours to make if better/different for your market.

4. Buyers Only Ads!
Write your ads to your niche audience and not to everyone who visits your site. A 100% buying rate is not achievable! Most of the time a 1% conversion rate is acceptable. Sometimes if you hit a really hot market it can be up to 10%, which is very good. So writing to the 90% who are just lookers is not what you want to do. Even if those 90% don’t like what you write, it doesn’t matter, as long as the 1%-10% DO like it and take action.

5. Start At The End!

Not really! But try to have your next offer – your backend offer – ready before your first one is ready. Are you starting with a CD or an ebook? Think about affiliate offers or joint ventures with others as a backend offer. Repeat business and backend sales is where the real money is. If you HAVE to make money from one product, it destroys your marketing ability. How can you compete with a competitor who is breaking even or losing money on his advertising and still make a living with the same offer?

6. Your Net Worth Is Determined By Your Network.

Credit Mark Victor Hansen with this phrase. Some of the keys to your online business are: viral marketing, referrals, social networking, strategic alliances, etc. Most of the time trying to “go it alone” won’t work. Affiliates make up 50% -75% of sales in most businesses. The keys to SEO are the links coming in from other sites. Form alliances with other top marketers, help them and they will help you. Brainstorm, network, whatever it takes to make contacts.

7. Your Business Is NOT Internet ONLY.

Your business is internet based, but not necessarily only on the internet. When developing your business model, do so for both internet and offline. Phone follow-up is a good idea. Some have increased their profits by 40% just by calling people who have just purchased to thank them and offer them something else at a discount price right away. You can generate leads by renting a targeted list and send postcards (direct mail) to get people to sign up to your list, and also offline publicity and networking works.

8. Educate your lists.
Educate your list members about your products/services and good content. Use direct mail as well as email as follow-up methods. Sending thank you cards to customers and JV partners is a good follow-up method. To meet with your customers/prospects try a teleconference. Try creating a blog. You need to let them get to know you as a person. Put a face with a name.

9. Focus On What YOU Are Good At.

Find what you’re best at and focus your time and attention on it. There are so many ways to market your site, so concentrate on the ones that fit what you’re good at. If you don’t like doing a certain skill, hire it out, it will save you time, money and frustration. You are good at something! You just need to focus on that.

10. Don’t Expect Overnight Riches.

Focus on your thing. Give it all your attention and watch it grow. If you jump on every “new thing”, you’re spreading yourself too thin. As with anything, just start! Everything is not going to work, so you’ve just found one way NOT to do it again. Modify yourself, your thinking, your work until it does work. Plan where you want to be in a year and work backwards from there; where you want to be in 6 month, 3 months, 1 month, 1 week and tomorrow. Do something every day to meet that goal. It’s hard at first, but it will get easier with each day/goal you attain.

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