Test for Success

Unlike traditional Web site marketing tools that are time consuming, expensive and often inconclusive,So....

  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Session Optimization, Not Just Landing
    Page Optimization
  • On-site Behavioral Targeting
  • Real-Time Reporting & Analytics
  • Support Your Search Optimization Efforts
  • Easy Integration
  • Scalability

A/B and Multivariate Testing

A/B testing randomly divides your site traffic into groups and shows each group a different version of a page, or set of pages, to determine which experience has the greatest impact on your key success metrics whether conversion rate, time-on-site, page views per visit, downloads or any other indicator.

Allowing more combinations to be tested more quickly than A/B split tests, multivariate tests involve the analysis of many page or site variables at once. With multivariate testing, you can isolate the impact of each element individually. Most importantly, multivariate tests can predict the optimal combination of input variables even if you've never tested them allowing you to get real results more quickly.

Offermatica's testing capabilities are unique, enabling you to easily identify not only how each element on your site affects conversion but know why a change is better (or worse). This is accomplished with less traffic, time and effort than other testing solutions.

Our hosted solution can provide actionable business results in days, giving you the opportunity to leverage a newfound understanding of what is driving—or impeding—success on your site.

Session Optimization, Not Just Landing Page Optimization

While landing page optimization is important, Offermatica knows that each experience on your site involves more than a single page. Offermatica not only enables you to develop the best landing page for your visitor, but can optimize the entire user experience from click-to-close. You can easily test display ad creative, search and display ad landing pages, and other on-site elements together to understand and deliver the most engaging and relevant experience.

On-Site Behavioral Targeting

On-site behavioral targeting allows you to provide visitors with a more relevant experience—the key to your success online. Offermatica’s behavioral targeting enables you to create custom visitor groups based on behavior and then deliver targeted content to those groups. Easily segment your visitors based on their actions like selecting a product category, viewing an article or clicking through an email offer. Then test different content to see what is most effective at driving relevance for your visitor groups.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Offermatica provides actionable information about your campaigns in easy to use, real-time reports that the entire marketing team can understand. In addition, Offermatica easily integrates with SiteCatalyst and other analytics platforms so that the results of your tests and targeted campaigns can be viewed alongside your other site performance.

Support Your Search Optimization Efforts

Offermatica will not damage your natural search rankings. Offermatica's architecture is friendly to your existing search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and allows you to test offers without affecting your search rankings. Offermatica does not change the content or URL structures that search engine spiders see. Spiders will record the same site they currently index. Most other testing solutions dramatically interfere with SEO efforts; Offermatica, because it was designed with SEO support in mind, does not.

Easy integration

Offermatica's Web-based application lies outside of your IT infrastructure, making it easy to get up and running on any existing Web site in a couple of hours—with little to no IT resources. You access Offermatica over the Internet to setup content options and rules for test campaigns. Offermatica then delivers that content to pre-defined regions on your site—mboxes—that are created by the insertion of a small amount of Javascript on your HTML page.

When a visitor requests an Offermatica-enabled page, their browser communicates with the Offermatica server to find out what content to display. If the visitor is determined to be a member of a targeted test group, they will get the content designated for that group for the duration of the test period.

Offermatica works seamlessly with:

  • Dynamic and static web sites
  • Content management systems
  • Flash and other rich media
  • Content delivery networks (such as Akamai)


Thousands of online marketers at some of the biggest online publishers, retailers, and B2B companies in the world use Offermatica. Offermatica is unique in the testing and optimization world in its ability to handle large traffic volumes without impacting the performance or integrity of the visitor's experience.

Source : http://www.omniture.com

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